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About the Bridge

You'll notice that as a navigator, your bridge has now changed! You will now see many extra functions to help you do your job as a navigator. Depending on your rank, this includes checking navigator points, viewing chatter information, approving photos, using the admin log and much more! Use these tools to your advantage - they'll make your life easier! You'll also notice that as a navigator, the majority of the news that is posted on the bridge is actually for navigators only. This helps the Chiefs & ChatTeam communicate with everyone else. It's therefore vitally important that you check the bridge every time you login! If news is posted to navigators only, a notice will clearly indicate what ranks it has been posted to - if this is the case, it's confidential! As a navigator you also have access to some external tools:

NaviNet - This is the dedicated navigator support tool. Navigators vote and be voted on, assistants recieve feedback, team meeting minutes and data are upload, chat bugs are reported, ceremonies are managed, porn is logged and much more. You are required to be registered on NaviNet.
Master At Arms - This is the marine security for the Lycos vessel. This user can help to keep our users safe by monitoring inappropriate conversations between minors. If you suspect this might be happening - report it to MAA for investigation!

REMEMBER: Anything you see on the bridge that you didn't see as a normal chatter is navigator information and should therefore be treated in the strictest confidence!
You are now a Navigator - This comes with Responsibility!

Being a navigator should be fun and rewarding, there will be ups and downs but remember, the ups always outweigh the downs! May we take this opportunity to thank you for your hard work and dedication to the chat - we couldn't be the safest and best chat online without you!
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